The Middle Ground is a social enterprise supporting people from disadvantaged communities to overcome social exclusion. We find underutilised spaces managed by community organisations, transform them into high quality venues and open them up to a diverse range of uses.

To maximise the benefit for the people we work with, all of our venues are available at three different rates:

Standard Rates are the normal rate offered to those hiring our venues for any private events, workshops or meetings.

Community Benefit Rates are a reduced rate, these are offered to those hiring our venues for any group or community based activity that benefits or is made accessible to people from our target communities.

Residents' Rates are a reduced rate, these are offered to residents and tenants of our social landlord partners.

The Middle Ground aims to reduce the social exclusion faced by people from disadvantaged communities. By making our venues available to community activities and private activities we provide both a range of activities to disadvantaged people and create spaces for social integration of those who are marginalised.